Sept. 30th-Oct. 4th

Dear Parents of 5th and 6th grade students,

I hope this first week of autumn is treating you well.  Even though the temperatures do not signal this wonderful new season, we know that those cooler temperatures are right around the corner…or, so we hope…

Below, please find a list of activities and lessons that will be covered next week for both grades.

Fifth Grade

Religion.    Things got going in different directions in Religion class.  Therefore, we are going to be concluding a chapter on the human condition with an open-book quiz, preparing for an oral quiz on The Ten Commandments, and learning about St. Francis in preparation for our pet blessing.

Reading.     We got our new issue of Storyworks, so we are going to be diving right in, reading an article about saving baby Orangutans.  After a variety of reading skills being used, the main objective is to assess the student’s ability to synthesize information from an article and poem to answer the question, “How are baby orangutans being protected?”

English.       Our study of nouns continues.  More specifically, we are learning to identify nouns used as direct and indirect objects of sentences.

Spelling.       A new word list will not be given out next week.  Instead, we will be doing some reading and English activities using the  list of words that the students have been studying for September 27th’s test. 

Social Studies.  We will review our class notes, textbook pages, and additional passage that I gave to the class on the Lewis and Clark expedition.  We will be doing that in preparation for a quiz that will be given soon; the actual quiz date has not been decided.  However, your students will have that placed in their agendas soon.

Sixth Grade

Reading.      We will be doing some preliminary readiness activities for an upcoming novel study.  I have chosen the Newbery Award winning book,   Number the Stars.

English.         I decided that more test practice was required this week in preparation for September 26th’s test on sentences, their specific parts, their kinds, and their forms, sooooooo…we are going to focus on new material next week.  Actually, we also have been reviewing prepositions a lot this week, therefore, my new lessons were not started.  Again, I want to feel that the students have a confident level of understanding before moving on.

Just a side note, please remember that our dear furry family members are being blessed by Father on October 3rd, at 2:30.  Permission slip were sent home in yesterday’s (September 24th) blue folder.

In conclusion, I would like to share a quote with you from a little girl named “Elizabeth” that I found in one of my quotation books.

                   “You are your own little light, shine bright so everyone

                    cam see.”

Have a lovely week,

Miss L. Boron