September 11-15

A Note From Ms. Gurn


Our MAP testing is finished! I am very proud of the hard work and patience your children put forth last Wednesday. This week will be a busy one as our “firsts” are behind us. Remember to check your child’s assignment pads for daily homework and weekly quizzes and tests.  If your child is Catholic, they will be trained in altar serving with Father Linksy this Wednesday after the school Mass. See below for the lessons I have planned for this week.

Have a blessed week.


This Week In Class

Reading/Writing Workshop: This week we will continue to read our novel. Accompanied by this novel study, we will learn about metacognition while reading. What do good critical readers do? We will also learn how to catch a reader’s attention by using unique first sentences in our writing. The  reading test will be this Thursday. Students should study their RW notes.

Spelling/Vocabulary Words: The spelling/vocabulary words come from our novel. Some of them are British words! The list will always be in your child’s homework folder. Please review the list with them and practice daily for homework.

Science:  This week we will continue learning about the Engineering Design Process by putting the process to work! We will solve problems using hands-on activities. How tall can note cards stand to make a prototype of a building? See video below.

Social Studies: This week we are finishing the states and capitals! The test will be September 12. The children must fill in all the states and capitals on a BLANK U.S. map without a word bank. When we are finished with this, we will move on to the structure of the US government. See websites below for fun games to practice.

Theology: This week we will study the liturgical year of the Church by making liturgical year mini banners to remember the order, colors, symbols and meanings of Ordinary Time, Advent, Lent, Christmas and Easter. We will also continue to study the 7 themes of Catholic Social Teaching. Quiz will be Friday.

4th Grade Social Studies: This week your children will learn about the seven continents. They will be sent home with full notes of the powerpoint used in class. This week we will study characteristics of North America and South America- climate, location, religion, culture and population! What are the biggest countries in each continent?

6th Grade Social Studies: This week we will finish our Paleolithic and Neolithic age unit. The final test will be Friday. Our next topic of study is Mesopotamia- the fertile crescent! Why were cities thriving in Mesopotamia? Where would Mesopotamia be today?


Reminders & Important Events:

September 13- School Mass at 8:30 am. (Mass uniforms required)

Thursday, September 21st- First PTO meeting!  5:30 in Neglia Hall

Monday, September 25th- 2:00 dismissal