September 5-8

A Note From Mrs. Marsha

Happy September First Grade families! Thank you for filling out the learning inventories. I enjoy getting to know your children- and some a little better! These inventories only help me  to become a better teacher for your child so I can fit their needs in the classroom.

MAP testing will begin this week. MAP is a great tool that will support each child in the classroom. MAP will help teachers and families set obtainable goals to master for their child for the year. First grade will be testing this Friday, Sept. 8th, at 8:30 in the morning.  So please get lots of rest and a good breakfast!!

Due to MAP testing on Friday the students will take their spelling test on Monday, September 11th. I want all the children to only focus on MAP this week and not stress about any other testing. We will still be practicing the words in class.

We have a snack every mornings around 9:30. Please have a small snack in your child’s lunchbox.

In Class This Week

Religion- Jesus tells us that God is his Father and that he is our father too

Reading- HF words; and, you, be, play, help, with

Spelling words- am, at, sat, man, dad, mat

Phonics rule- short vowel /a/

Comprehension- main idea, identify and summarize non-fiction text

Grammar- Nouns

Writing- Labeling

Math- Students will join two groups through addition math stories and creating addition sentences vertically and horizontally.  Vocabulary- sum, addition sentence, addend, equal, plus

Social Studies- Rules & procedures


Tuesday- Spelling practice

Wednesday- Domino math

Important Dates & Reminders

Sept. 5th-15th- MAP testing

Sept. 21st- PTO Parent Meeting, Neglia Hall 5:30 p.m.

Sept. 25th- 2 p.m. Early Dismissal