September in the Art Room

A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

Wow, another summer has flown by and now we’re back in the art room, already busy with paint, paper and learning!   I have challenged the students to a contest to figure out where I went this summer to see some famous paintings and to try to figure out the name the artist that painted each painting.  Outside of my room is a board with pictures of me next to the 12 famous paintings.  These are all done by artist that we have or will talk about here in the St. Peter’s art room.  I don’t expect anyone to get all of them, but I’d love to see how many they might be able to figure out.  There are clues all over my room, and there are also helpful hints on the sheets where they will write their answers.  If they want to enter the contest, they can pick up a sheet right outside of my room and fill out how ever many answers they want to guess, and then drop the sheet in the box outside of my room.  Entries are due on September 14th!!!  Below is a picture of the board, it’s a bit fuzzy but might help a little!

We all started the week by adding a link to my “chandelier”.  Well known artist Andy Warhol once said “I think everyone should like everyone.” and I think that’s a great note to start the year off with.  So each student simply drew a picture of someone that they like on their strip of paper.  We made a chain for each class and hung in on the chandelier.  This will hang in the art room all year as a fun reminder of all of our friends.


At the end of the year last year, we started a mosaic project.  Each student glued several pieces of tile or stone or glass onto the frame of our new Grotto.  Over the summer, I came in and finished it up!  So we now have a mosaic grotto for the Blessed Mary.  If you’d like to check it out, you can find it on the Hampton Street side of the school, just below Mrs. Wall’s window.  Feel free to stop by and maybe say a Hail Mary!


We will start out the year by drawing pictures of ourselves, just as a warm up for all of the other fun things I have in store.  We will be making some stained glass windows with tissue paper, and learning about colors in September.


The K-5 class will be having fun stamping unusual things with paint to make bee hive shapes.  We will talk a little about how important bees are and then draw some bees to put in the hives.  We will also be working on a fun self portrait!

1st Grade

The first graders will start the year off by learning all about Saint Peter and creating a really special St. Peter collage.  This is a new project and I am really excited to do this with them!

2nd Grade

The second grade will start the year off with a review of mixing colors and complimentary colors by stamping and painting (mixing our own colors) some fun and goofy birds!  Then we will move on to learn about the art of Alexander Calder.

3rd Grade

The third grade will start out by learning about one of my favorite saints, Saint Brendan and his whale adventure!  I have a fun project in store for them with this.  They also helped me to paint a new sign that will be hung somewhere in the school.  They did a great job!  Here it is in progress!  The fourth grade helped with this project too.

4th Grade

We will start out by exercising our imaginations in a fun way by learning a bit about the art of comic strips and creating a comic strip of our own.  They also helped me to paint the big sign that you see in progress above.!

5th and 6th Grade

The Fifth and Sixth grade classes talked a bit about the Renaissance art of DaVinci and Michaelangelo.  We talked about the Sistine Chapel and how Michaelangelo painted the ceiling of it.  We are working on a fun little project related to that just to get the year started.  Then we will start the year off by doing an illuminated letter, in the ancient Celtic style.

Art Club

After School Art Club starts on Wednesday, September 5th for grades K-5 through 2nd and on Thursday, September 6th for grades 3-6. This month we will be exploring the beautiful art of felting and make a fall felted wall hanging as well as a few other fun felt projects!  Join in the fun!  Make sure to send in your forms or let me know you want to come by emailing me at  .