September K4 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We would like to thank all the parents for attending the Back to School Night. It shows that you are all interested and committed to your child’s education. The first two weeks were a good, positive beginning. The K-4 children are trying to get to know each other, know where to look for the things they need, and are trying their best to follow directions, classroom rules and routines.

On a daily basis, children will be practicing how to hold a writing instrument correctly and learning to write their names.  At home, show your child how to hold a writing instrument by placing your hand over theirs while writing to demonstrate the correct way to hold the writing instrument. Read to your child a book at home and ask to retell one or two events from the story.

Religion: My Name Is Special and Discovering Me

The children will learn to develop positive attitudes about themselves, their families and friends by discovering and learning more about the many gifts, talents, and abilities God has provided to them and all mankind.

Science: Body

This month, children will be identifying body parts and what each part can do.  Although, each of us is difference from everyone else, our bodies are made of the same things as everyone else. The exact same parts and each of those identical parts are doing the exact same function for each of us and all those many parts combined, keep us alive.

Language and Literacy: Letters – Tt, Ff , Hh, Aa

Children will work on letter recognition of uppercase and lower case letters, then the sounds, and writing of the letters.  Children will also learn “Nursery Rhymes” and Opposites.


Number – 1-one, 2-two, 3-three, 4-four,

Shape – Square, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle

Color – Primary Colors: red, yellow, blue

Thinking Skills – Same and Different

In Mathematics, children will learn more about number characters, number words, then will make sets and count using one to one correspondence.

Important Date to Remember:

Monday, September 16Early Dismissal 2:00 p.m.

After School Program Available

Tuesday, September 17 – PTO Meeting 3:30 p.m. at Gibson Hall

Tuesday, September 24 – Envelope Draw Funds due

Team: Mrs. Elizabeth Pasco and Mrs. Pamela Robinson