Summer 2020 Newsletter

St. Peter's Catholic School of Columbia SC

Dear Parents of rising fourth grade students,

Congratulations to you on another successful year! I am looking forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you in the 2020-2021 school year. Before we have the opportunity to learn together, there are a few assignments I would like to share for the summer break.

In order to help keep up our learning growth, I am requesting that parents please encourage each child to continue to practice mathematics, especially times tables up to 12 and basic subtraction.  Some great resources to help with this are  Prodigy Game and Math Playground. Both sites are free and provide engaging learning opportunities in mathematics for elementary learners. 

In addition to continuing with mathematical development, I would also like students to practice reading, both fiction and nonfiction, over the course of the summer holidays. These may include websites, newspaper articles, magazines, books, etc. to help keep your child engaged. In addition to this practice, I have selected a summer reading project that I hope will be interesting for your child. 

Experience has taught me that students who have a say in their education are more involved and interested in the process. Therefore, I have chosen a project that allows every child to select a book to his or her liking. The book must be at or above the F&P reading level assessed by the 3rd grade teacher (or just a book on a 4th grade level that your child has not yet read). I have attached the project description as well as a list of suggested novels by reading level to help out. We will present these projects the first full week of classes. 

Have a wonderful summer, and I greatly anticipate learning with your children in the coming year. 

Please also find the class supply list for rising fourth graders attached to this newsletter.

God Bless!

Mrs. Shannon Ronald

Fourth Grade Supply List

Summer 2020 Project

Suggested Book List (updated 6/24/2020)