Summer Reading & Supplies

Second Grade Summer Reading List 2020-2021

Below is my suggested Summer Reading List. Your child should read at least three picture books or chapter books and fill out the attached worksheet for each book. In addition, I strongly suggest working on any of the First Grade ELA or Math workbooks that were sent home from first grade.  Math Flashcards are also a great idea; they are on the Supply List.  Bring your books the first day of class and be prepared to read them aloud and share your Book Reports.

Suggested Book List 

Any Library Mouse books by Daniel Kirk

Any There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A.. 

books by Lucille Colandro

Stuart Little: Stuart at the Library by Susan Hill

Froggy Builds a Tree House by Jonathan London

Skippy Jon Jones: Class Action by Judy Schachner

Ron’s Big Mission by Rose Blue and Corrine J Naden

Any Frog and Toad books

Any Bernstein Bears books

Any Magic Tree House chapter books

Any Junie B. Jones chapter books

Any A-Z Mystery chapter books

Second Grade Reading Report by ______________________

Student’s Name


Author: ________________________

What did you like about this book?  Please be specific.


Author: ________________________

What did you like about this book?  Please be specific.


Author: ________________________

Why did you like this book?  Please be specific.

Due to COVID concerns, all supplies will be individualized. Current supplies should be labeled and placed in a “toolbox” and a separate soft pencil case for pencils, erasers and colored pencils.  Extra supplies for each individual child should be labeled and placed in a strong cloth or paper bag to be kept in the closet.  Please do not send any supply that might be construed as a toy; such distracting erasers and pencils, etc. will be sent home and need to be replaced.  As necessary, I will post updates to this list on the Website if anything changes due to COVID.

1 backpack without wheels

1 “toolbox” for miscellaneous supplies

                                                1 pencil bag

1 box of crayons (24 pack)

#2 pencils (4 boxes of 24) (preferably sharpened)

1 box of ballpoint pens for correcting papers                                  (preferably purple, but any color will do)

2 glue sticks

1 pair scissors

  1. PLASTIC folders (red, blue, green, yellow)

                                 3 reams of copy paper

2 packets of multi-colored construction paper

2 composition notebooks

6 large rubber erasers

1 package of colored pencils

2 handheld non-electric pencil sharpeners 

1 package (10) washable markers

1 SET EACH addition/subtraction/multiplication/division flash cards         

Individual tissue packs (will be kept at their desk as needed)

4 small hand sanitizers (pump) (one will always be kept at individual desks)

4 containers of disinfectant wipes Clorox/Lysol

1 box of gallon; 1 box of quart; 1 box of regular sandwich bags

Spanish: 1” Binder and Color Pencils. If your binder is in good shape from last year, you may reuse it.