Summer Reading

Fourth Grade Reading List 2017-2018

The Cricket in Times Square.  The author is George Selden.

This Newbery Award winning novel will introduce you to Tucker mouse, Harry the cat, and Chester Cricket.  We will reread and study this book in September, so please have your own copy and take very good care of it.  However, during the summer you will:

  1. Read the book
  2. Do some research on crickets and create a little booklet with the below topics  included:
  3. a) write one page of your booklet about the habitat of a cricket
  4. b) another page will be about what your cricket eats and other habits that it may  have
  5. c) you will include a page on how other cultures regard crickets (especially the Chinese culture)
  6. Your booklet will look like a book, with an illustrated cover.  That page will  contain your name.  It should be done in cursive, and please take extra care in     the appearance of your booklet.


In addition to the required reading, if you become enamored with this book’s sweet cast of characters, may I suggest some additional summer choices:

  1. Tucker’s Countryside
  2. Chester Cricket’s New Home
  3. Chester Cricket’s Pigeon Ride

All of the above novels are by the author George Selden.

Additionally, you are strongly encouraged to do the Grade 4 Summer Bridge Activities.  Each section of this workbook covers a wide variety of subjects like math, grammar, science, and geography.  Like the assigned reading, this book is designed to reinforce those basic skills learned during the school year.

Supply List for Fourth Grade

  1. Two composition books; not spiral-bound.
  2. Four pocket folders, no brads.
  3. Crayons.
  4. Two soft pencil pouches.
  5. One “travel bag”, your student will need a tote bag to carry books       and supplies to their classes.
  6. One blue pen and one red pen; no black pens.
  7. Two highlighters; one green and one yellow.
  8. Two boxes of tissues; should not contain lotion.
  9. One container of Clorox wipes.
  10. One pink eraser
  11. Fiskars scizzors and Elmer’s glue.

Students will need the following for Math Class:

  1. One folder
  2. A composition book
  3. No. 2 pencils
  4. A ruler
  5. A protractor

Students will need a composition book and a folder with pockets for Social Studies.  Please have your child’s supplies out of their packaging and ready to go our first day of school.