Supply List/Summer Reading- Rising 5th Grade Parents

A Note From Ms. Gurn

Hello rising fifth grade parents! Below you will find links that are pertinent to summer assignments. Each student is required to read two novels accompanied with reading response activities. In addition, each child will complete the 4-5 Summer Bridge Workbook. Please also watch the video below on summer reading loss to learn about the importance of continued learning throughout the months of June, July and August.  Happy reading. 🙂

If you have any questions, please contact: or call the school office at 803-252-8285.


This Summer: 

Supply List: Click the link 5th grade supply list

Summer Reading: Click the link Summer Reading 4-5

Summer Bridge Front Cover:



*Remind your child to pace themselves with reading. Do not attempt to cram the night before school.

*Check your child’s work for correct spelling, neat handwriting, and their best effort.

*Have your child bring the novels chosen to class on the first day of school.