Technology: October

St. Peter’s Technology Class Blog:

First Grade: We are working on becoming comfortable with mouse skills. These are the specific skills we are focusing on: mouse control, left clicking, right clicking, double clicking, scrolling, dragging and dropping, and text selection/highlighting words. Here is a helpful link for practice:

Second Grade: We have finished with our mouse skills and have started our introduction to typing. Students are becoming familiar with the keyboard, learning when to use Caps Lock/Shift, Num Lock, and certain character keys (period, exclamation mark, question mark, and comma).

Third Grade: Students are becoming comfortable using the “Home Row Keys” for keyboarding. Typing practice at home is encouraged, and there are many useful typing links on the Technology blog that would be great practice. The link to the Technology blog is at the top of this post.

Fourth Grade: Fourth graders are using “Home Row Keys” to improve their WPM (words per minute). Students will be taking a one-minute Typing Test monthly to gauge their keyboarding progress throughout the year. The first Typing Test will be Tuesday, October 10th.

Fifth Grade: We are working on the basics in Microsoft Excel. Students have learned how to enter data in a organized table, how to resize and insert new columns and rows, and how to sort lists of data. We are now working on the following formulas to answer questions about a group of data: sum formula, multiplication of two cells, and count formula.

Sixth Grade: The sixth graders have been working in Microsoft Excel. They collected numerical data about their classmates, and used that information to practice the following formulas: sum, count, min, max, and average. This group is so excited when they complete a formula, apply it to an entire column of data, and see their results appear!

Coding Club: The October Coding Club dates are October 5, 12, 19, and 26. Coding Club will meet each Thursday in the computer lab from 3:45 until 4:30. The topics this month are algorithms, loops, conditionals, and functions.