Week 6 of Home-Learning

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Week 6 of Home-Learning

04/27/2020 5/01/2020

Hello K-5 Families!

This week in home-learning, I have added social studies and science assignments to those who wish to only do digital assignments. Religion remains the only assignments due that are only available in printed form. If you would like to switch over to digital assignments, please let me know and I will add you to the list for those instead.

Also, beginning this week I will be implementing the use of BoomCards. Through this website, students can practice specific skill sets using digital task cards and games. This is a free site to utilize and I will attach a list below of all the current BoomCards I have gotten so far. If you would like to use them, send me an email with which you would like to use for the week and I will assign them to your child through BoomCards. These are not graded and are only meant for extra practice.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns during this time. I appreciate any feedback and I’m always happy to help.

Have a wonderful week!

English Language Arts: CVC Review and CVCe words, silent “e”

Math: Sizes and Word Problems

Science: Motion, Force, Push and Pull

Social Studies: Directions and Compasses

Religion: Butterflies are Good

Miss Rovelli

Language Arts

  • ïCVC Words
  • ïCVC Words: Short A
  • ïBeginning Digraphs (Level 1)
  • ïBeginning Digraphs (Level 2)
  • ïEnding Digraphs (Level 1)
  • ïEnding Digraphs (Level 2)
  • ïBlending Digraphs Reading Fluency Practice
  • ïSight Word Construction (Set 1)
  • ïSight Word Construction (Set 2)
  • ïBeginning Blends (R Blends)
  • ïBeginning Blends (S Blends)
  • ïEnding Blends (Level 1)
  • ïEnding Blends (Level 2)
  • ïBeginning Blends (Level 2)
  • ïBeginning Blends (L Blends)
  • ïFinal SH Candy Blend
  • ïShort A CVC Task Cards
  • ïShort E CVC Task Cards
  • ïShort I CVC Task Cards
  • ïShort O CVC Task Cards
  • ïShort U CVC Task Cards
  • ïShort A Practice Deck
  • ïShort E Practice Deck
  • ïShort I Practice Deck
  • ïShort O Practice Deck
  • ïShort U Practice Deck
  • ïLong U Build a Word
  • ïShort Vowel Reading Fluency Practice
  • ïReading Comprehension Short Vowel Sentences
  • ïLong Vowel Reading Fluency Practice
  • ïMagic E Long Vowel Task Cards
  • ïChoose the Correct Pronoun
  • ïDigital Interactive Book: Old McDonald
  • ïAlphabet Review: Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
  • ïAnswering “What” Questions with Verbs
  • ïAlphabetical Order Flowers
  • ïWhich Letter Is… (Listen and Choose Uppercase Letters)
  • ïWhich Letter Is… (Listen and Choose Lowercase Letters)
  • ïTypes of Nouns
  • ïSimple “Wh-“ Questions
  • ïCVC Short A Words Practice
  • ïBeginning Sounds Task Cards
  • ïSneak “E” Task Cards (Which word is spelled correctly?)
  • ïSight Word Book: a
  • ïCVCe Words (Long Vowels)
  • ïDino Digraphs
  • ïCVCe Words Long U
  • ïShort Vowel Sort
  • ïCVC Sentence Read and Match Cards
  • ïPhonics: CVC “a” words
  • ïVowel Sounds
  • ïShort A Word Family (Short A CVC Reading)
  • ïCVC Words Task Cards


  • ïComparing Numbers with More and Less
  • ïAddition to 5 with Ten Frames
  • ïAddition to 5 with Cubes
  • ïNumber Sense Counting to 10
  • ïDinosaur Ten Frames
  • ïAddition to 10 with Ten Frames
  • ïAddition to 10 with Cubes
  • ïAddition to 10 Story Problems
  • ïCounting Apples 1-10
  • ïCounting to 20
  • ïSubtraction to 10 Story Problems
  • ïSubtraction to 10 with Ten Frames (Crossing Out)
  • ïSubtraction with Apples (Taking Away)
  • ïRainbow Place Value using Base Ten Blocks
  • ïSkip Counting by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, and 6’s (Set 1)
  • ïSorting by Size
  • ïMystery Picture 1: Addition
  • ïComparing Cookies (More or less)
  • ïCounting Cards 1-20: Three Little Pigs
  • ï2D and 3D Shapes
  • ïApple Shapes Level 1
  • ïApple Shapes Level 2
  • ïApple Shapes Level 3
  • ïTeen Numbers and Butterflies
  • ïMeasurement Review
  • ïShapes Task Cards (Match the shape)
  • ïTurkey Shapes (Match the shape)
  • ïAddition and Subtraction Word Problems
  • ïStrawberry Patch Ten Frames
  • ïCounting Fish 1-10
  • ïMissing Numbers 1-10
  • ïCrayon Counting


  • ïWhat Does Not Belong
  • ïColor Task Cards
  • ïBefore and After
  • ïA Trip to the Grocery Store
  • ïPets (Yes/No Questions)
  • ïSorting Basic Colors