Week 8 of Home-Learning

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Week 8 of Home-Learning

05/11/2020 5/15/2020

Hello K-5 Families!

We are in our eighth week of home-learning and this will be the last week that students will have assignments sent out to be graded. Beginning on May 18th, no new assignments will be assigned for grades and this will give students time to catch up on any remaining schoolwork they have not yet completed. If your child is caught up and would like supplemental assignments to work on, let me know and I will gladly send them to you.

May 29th will be our last day utilizing Google Classroom and online learning. Up until that point, we will be having our weekly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday class meetings at 11am. Also, any private one-on-one meetings set up with me will continue until May 29th as well. The only day we will not be having either will be on Memorial Day, Monday the 25th.

For our Friday, May 29th class meeting we will be having a special crazy hair day meeting. I look forward to seeing all the fun hairstyles the class comes up with!

Have a wonderful week!

English Language Arts: R-Blends

Math: Coins and Addition

Science: Forms of Energy

Social Studies: Natural and Man-Made

Religion: Celebrating is Good

Miss Rovelli