Week of April 23rd-27th

A Note From Miss Boron

Our return back to school after a long-awaited Easter vacation coupled with much nicer weather and the aroma of summer right around the corner makes academics a little more of a struggle for many students. However, we will continue our learning with a focus on maintaining the high standards that we have worked hard to attain.

Fifth and Sixth Grade Religion

Fifth Grade. St. Thomas and his inability to believe without seeing will be the theme of our week’s learning. Using our Bibles and textbooks, we will use passages that illustrate that faith itself is like sight. Unlike the doubting apostle, Thomas, we believe without actually “seeing”, but our strong faith is our sight.

Sixth Grade. Jesus’ ascension 40 days after his Resurrection will be the learning objective of our first week back after Easter.

Fifth and Sixth Grade students are doing novel studies in Reading. The fifth graders will begin Bud, not Buddy. The sixth grade students will be continuing their reading of Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

Fifth and Sixth Grade English

Fifth Grade. Our entire week will be spent working on abbreviation use.

Sixth Grade. Happily, we are ending our unit on punctuation and capitalization. After spending Tuesday through Thursday brushing up on capitalization, we will have a test on Friday. The lessons on that test will include their mastery of quotation mark use, apostrophe use, and capitalization.

Have a nice week,

Miss Boron