Week of February 11th-February 15th

A Word From Miss Boron

Did you miss hearing from me? It appears that my last week’s newsletter is floating around in cyberspace somewhere. Thank goodness for new beginnings, right?

My class and I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day a day late because of our special classes that we have on Thursday afternoon, preventing us from having our party on the actual day. We will celebrate on Friday afternoon with the traditional activity of passing out cards to ALL of our classmates, and enjoy some treats in the process. Thank-you for helping us to make this a fun activity.

Below, please find a list of activities and skills that I will be teaching next week.

Fifth Grade This Week

Reading. If hodgepodge is a word, we will be working on an organized hodgepodge of reading skills, primarily ones that work on differing levels of comprehension. For example, we will be working on sentence comprehension, word study, paragraph comprehension, whole story comprehension, and finding examples of sarcasm and understatement in the context of the story.

English. Compound sentences and independent clauses will precede my introduction of the skill “using commas in a series”.

Spelling/Vocabulary. Our list of words are antonyms. They are conveniently placed in pairs for the students study of them.

Religion. A saint study will begin our week. The students will working with a partner to research interesting facts about the life of St. Isaac Joques. Then, we will continue our work on morality in our lives, living lives that exemplify our friendship with Jesus.

In conclusion, may I personally wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day. It was always one of my favorite days as a child. It is my hope that my class will enjoy the sweet and kind sentiments that this day is noted for…with a little chocolate sprinkled in to make it even better.

Kind regards,

Miss L. Boron