Week of February 18-22, 2019

A Note from Miss Boron

On this Friday before the President’s Day long weekend, I am happy to share that AR Reading Tests are alive and well in Grade Five.  After learning that my class has not been giving them much attention when they go to the library, I have made them a very high priority.  As a result, my class has written down in their assignment pads that they will be reading during the long weekend; their chosen book was taken home with them, and on Tuesday, I will be checking their progress.  Wednesday will be the day that many of my students will be taking their next test.  Some children took their test yesterday (February 14th) or today (February 15th).  Those students have begun new novels and will be preparing for their next test.  Please help me by making sure that your child is spending a part of their leisure time reading.  Thank-you…

Fifth Grade This Week

Throughout the week, our class has had about 33% of our students absent every day. Many new skills that were to be presented, I chose not to because of the numerous absences due to illness. I share that as an explanation of repeating lesson plans.

Religion. The students are memorizing The Ten Commandments; their oral test will be on Thursday. The study sheet is in their homework folder and accompanied them home over the long weekend. Additionally, they will be interpreting The Greatest Commandment with illustration and creative writing to supplement Father’s homily message during the children’s Mass on Wednesday.

Reading. Today, Friday, the class took their final essay test on the final chapters of Shiloh. Yahoo!! As a culminating activity for this novel, they will be in receipt of directions for a research project. I have not completed my write-up yet, but they should be receiving them by the end of next week. I think they will enjoy the topic I have chosen for their poster board presentation.

We will spend the week working on a variety of comprehension skills, such as reading for details and identifying story elements. Also, our oral reading is focused on improving fluency with attention to punctuation and vocal inflection.

English. Yesterday, Thursday, I presented the difference among Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences. Learning about independent and dependent clauses is closely related to their mastery of comma usage with conjunctions. That particular skill will be introduced along with using commas in a series of words.

Spelling. As you know, your child was not studying for a spelling test this past week. I decided to make some changes in my teaching of spelling, so though my list of words and sentences has been created, I will not distribute the list until I have the extra activities planned in a cohesive, built-for-success way.

Sixth Grade Next Week

Religion. My sixth grade students will be visiting Old Testament stories. Both reveal God’s leading of nations to freedom. The first is Jacob’s family moving to Egypt and prospering there. The second, and more familiar one, is Moses’s acceptance of God’s mission for him to lead the Hebrew people out of slavery.

Reading. Using the context of our anthology’s stories, the students will be looking for examples of cause and effect. The primary source for this learning will be the story “The Pretty Pennies Picket”. This was finished being orally read on Thursday. Also, we will be continuing our work on the comprehension skills of reading for details and connecting a given text to what we already know about that topic.

English. I have been spending much time doing the all-encompassing “Daily Language Review” skill sets. I am happy to say that I can see their mechanics skills steadily growing as we edit sentences for errors. Also, our workbook has daily maintenance exercises that effectively teach a wide variety of objectives, including sentence diagramming. We will continue doing this work along with the long-awaited structured lessons on correct period use. Actually, we have started taking our notes on all the different ways periods are used, but we have not done written activity work yet. That will occur this upcoming week.

Well…I think I was a bit wordy in my newsletter this week, but if you are still reading, it means you hung in there with me and will allow me to wish you a lovely long weekend with your family. I hope that it will be a safe one, too. The 4th, 5th, and 6th graders and I prayed for your safe holiday weekend during our after-meal grace at lunch today.

Warm regards,

Miss L. Boron