Week of January 27th-January 31st

News from Fifth Grade

Dear parents and guardians of fifth and sixth grade students,

As this week is heading toward the weekend, we are preparing to celebrate Catholic Schools Week.  A calendar of events was sent home in this week’s “Blue Folder”, for your benefit.  Most notable is that we will be celebrating Mass together on Sunday, January 26th.  This is the official start to a week celebrated across the United States.  I hope you and your child/children will attend; your child should be in his/her dress uniform.  Coffee and donuts will follow in Neglia Hall. 

For all other activities, please refer to the activity calendar that was sent home with your child.  You will notice that every facet of Catholic School life is celebrated on different days:  community, Church, parents, teachers, and students.    My students are frequently reminded that attending St. Peter’s Catholic School is a gift from you, their very hard-working and dedicated parents.  I hope they show their gratitude by working hard to be their best.

Below, please find lesson topics and learning activities that I have planned for this busy week.

Fifth Grade This Week

Religion.  We continue focusing on the most precious of gifts—life.  This week we began our journey with an article about Mattie Stepanek, the child that died of muscular dystrophy at age 13.  His book, Heartsongs, was an inspiration to millions of people; in it, his poetry showed his passion for living, his never-ending hope, and his strong faith in God.  This coming week, we will integrate our learning with extra thought given to ways that promote or harm life. 

Reading.  We are continuing our novel study of Shiloh.  We are getting ready to begin Chapter Five; oh my goodness…the main character, Marty, has created quite a situation for himself by rescuing Shiloh from his abusive owner.  The themes of honesty, self-awareness, and honoring one’s parents are developed in these chapters.

English.  The unit on capitalization and punctuation will be started.  Though my students are usually proficient with ending punctuation and basic capitalization, their lessons will be far more detailed in the additional uses of things like commas, apostrophes, and periods.

Spelling.  Our final test will be on Tuesday.  Please be reminded that four bonus were written in your child’s agenda on the lines provided for spelling words.

Social Studies.  We will be doing lesson four, The Civil War Begins.  The students will be able to relate how Abraham Lincoln’s views on slavery led to the secession of the South, and then, the beginning of this terrible war.

Sixth Grade Next Week

Reading.  We are becoming more familiar with the Logan family in our novel study.  Also, the development of some familiar themes like family, love of land, and strength of one’s convictions are clearly presented for class discussion.  On a different note, a vocabulary test will be taken on Monday; the words are from chapters one-three.  The students highlighted those words from their lists that are considered likely candidates for the test.

English.  I will be dividing our lessons this week into two main objectives.  Monday through Wednesday, we will be working on the mechanics of our language.  Thursday and Friday, we will direct our learning to kinds of creative writing, most notably Personal Narratives.

In closing, I would like to remind you that on Wednesday of next week, each classroom teacher, Grades Two through Six, will be honoring certain students in their classes.  Academic achievement and outstanding citizenship will be awarded in a significant fashion.  I hope that you will attend Mass, and then stay after Mass for this celebration of our students…they are so dear.

Finally, as the fifth graders and I focus on the precious gift of life, this particular quote speaks to each one of us…


                   To the world you are one person.

           But, to one person, you may be the WORLD!

                                            Author unknown

May someone in your world remind you of how special you in their world,

Miss L. Boron