Week of January 7th-January 11th

A Note From Miss Boron

Over the Christmas holiday vacation, I was going through some  cookbooks looking for favorite cookie recipes.  In one of them, there was a picture of a Nativity scene.  The words above the picture said “Wise men still seek Him.”  I thought those words were so beautiful in their simplicity.  I will work to promote this as a theme in my classroom–where we will work together as a class to use the days of this new year to get closer to Him.

Fifth Grade This Week

Religion.   In recognition of the Epiphany on January 6th, the students will be reading and answering questions about the Magi.  Then, our workbook affords the children a chance to write Jesus a spiritual gift.  That activity will be extended to a bulletin board display of decorated packages made by the students containing a written explanation of his/her gift to the baby Jesus.

Reading.     Yes…our reading of Shiloh continues, along with continuing comprehension exercises (i.e. reading response journaling and class discussion).

English.       Our skill work remains in the world of adjectives.  More particularly, those objectives are mastering the recognition and use of:  adjectives that tell how many, adjectives as subject complements, and adjectives that compare (the positive, comparative, and superlative degrees).  In addition to that, I would like to do some work on better sentence writing, presenting the traits of sentence fluency.

Sixth Grade This Week

Religion.       Remaining in our study of the Christmas season, we will be reading about the presentation of  the baby Jesus in the temple.  Back in Jesus’ time, it was customary to celebrate the birth of an Israelite couple’s son by presenting him to God.  The class will meet two people, Simeon and Anna, who rejoice at the sight of baby Jesus.  Could this be their recognition of Him as their long awaited Messiah?

Reading.         The week begins with my doing a written comprehension assessment.  The essay is entitled, “Ancient Civilizations”; it will be read silently, followed by the students independently writing responses to questions.  Then, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we will be reading and discussing his “I Have a Dream” speech.

English.            These skills  will be presented:  Intransitive Verbs and Linking Verbs.  I know that does not sound like a healthy list of new skills, but the 5th and 6th grade classes will be doing testing two days next week (on Tuesday and Thursday).  They will not be changing classes on those days.

Please mark your new calendars with a reminder that Tuesday, January 8th, is a PTO meeting.  The doors to Neglia Hall will open at 5:00.  Also, the grading period ends on January 9th, with our new PEHP program beginning on Friday.  Please have your child in his/her gym uniform on that day.

Speaking of uniforms, I am noticing that our dress code is not being followed very consistently by some students.  Please review the parent/student handbook for reminders about belts, sock color and height, and jewelry.  Thank-you.

May we be among those wise people who search for ways to find Jesus in our lives,

Warm Regards,

Miss Boron