Week of May 13th-17th

This is the Friday after our Spring Music Program, held last evening. I cannot get the song “What the World Needs Now” out of my head along with the mental picture of our 4th, 5th,and 6th grade students dancing to it. Oh, it was precious. I am sorry that many of my 5th grade students did not come to the program; I know that you parents would have certainly enjoyed seeing your child perform.

The upcoming week will have another special event–the family picnic. It is being held on Friday, May 17th, at 5:30 on the school grounds. Perhaps the parents that did not attend the music program will be able to come to this annual celebration of our St. Peter’s Catholic School family. Plus, there will be some gooooood food–like hot dogs!

Fifth Grade Next Week

In Religion, we will learning about ways we pray and the types of prayer that we say.

Bud, Not Buddy, is continuing to be read. In addition to our reading, we are doing some interesting activities that allow the students to show their interpretation and analysis of the author’s words.

Studying figurative language in English this coming week is going to work perfectly with our novel reading. The author of Bud, Not Buddy, has a flair for using words to create very vivid pictures in the reader’s mind. We will be studying similes, metaphors, and exaggeration.

A new list of twenty words will be given to the students on Monday. As I have been doing the past four weeks, a pretest will be given so that the students can gauge how much they need to study.

Sixth Grade Next Week

I deviated from my plans this week and spent a large part of our Religion time talking about Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. Because of that, we just began to touch upon Pentecost and the Holy Spirit. We will continue that work this coming week.

Our reading of Mr. Popper’s Penguins continues. The oral reading we have shared has become better and better–I am enjoying the vocal expression that the students are adding to their reading. Also, we have been practicing the reading skills of predicting what in the world could be happening next in this classic humorous novel.

Diagramming sentences, parts of speech, and sentence parts are going to continue to be practiced this week. I would also like to include a lesson on idioms (it’s raining cats and dogs, for example), however, I am going to see how we are progressing with diagramming.

To all of the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and my fellow colleagues that care for our children, may I wish all of you a very beautiful Mother’s Day. May you be surrounded by love and gratitude for your daily gifts of love and caring that you share with your children.

God’s Blessings,

Miss L. Boron