Week of November 12th-November 16th

A Note From Miss Boron

Mrs. Wall illuminated the meaning of Veteran’s Day so beautifully at Morning Prayer on Monday.  It was the perfect way to prepare the school for our annual Veteran’s Day Parade field trip, which will be on Monday, November 12th.  I do have all of the permission slips for that special event.  Please have your child bring a blanket to sit on, and should the weather be on the chilly side, warm outerwear.

Fifth Grade This Week

Religion.  We know of Original Sin caused by Adam and Eve’s disobedience to God, but we often do not correlate that to our own human condition, many times characterized by our weaknesses.  Using the Bible’s references, we will learn the effect of Original Sin on us.

Reading.     We will continue our work on the selection, “Class President”.  Should all go as planned, we will do an activity related to the storybook “Enemy Pie”.  I have moved that book back and forth from Ohio to South Carolina twice because I like it so much.  It is such a character-building book, done in a light-hearted, yet though provoking way.  After I read it to the class, I am hoping that a roundtable discussion will make the book’s message even more valuable as your children share their ideas.

English.  With the introduction of maintenance exercises, I am getting a far more accurate idea of what skills your children are familiar with, have mastered, or do not know.  These little skill-based mini-lessons cover all of the standards that are expected to be taught, including that of diagramming sentences.  Though this is new for the class, I can see it is beneficial and challenging.  Also, we will be going back a bit; they do not appear to be at mastery level in our work with nouns and all of the different jobs a noun can have.  So, those lessons will be reviewed.

Spelling.    Your child will continue studying the remainder of their list words and the given sentence for their final test on Wednesday.  Remember, please, that a little studying every night prevents a night-before-the-test cramming session; as we all know, that can create much undo frustration for all concerned.

Sixth Grade This Week

Religion.  Continuing our work on the books of the Bible, the class will be choosing one of their favorite stories appearing in the Bible.  They will illustrate and write about it, with an added activity of sharing their choice with the class.  Also, on a more technical level, these fine students will learn how the Magisterium–the pope and bishops working together–help to make the Bible more understandable for us.

Reading.    Before beginning a new anthology of stories with a different theme, we will conclude our work on “St. George and the Dragon”.  Also, I have chosen seven literary elements that the students need to know, by definition.  More importantly, we will be looking for those elements in our reading selections to add relevance to their reading.  I will be giving them the definitions, which  will be written in their composition books.  At some point soon, they will also be tested on those definitions.  That date has not yet been determined.

English.  Like the fifth grade students, we will be doing maintenance exercises that review all basic skills, grammar and mechanics based.  These are in their workbooks, at the beginning of each new unit.  Then we will review prepositions and prepositional phrases.  This part of speech is about words that show relationships between nouns and pronouns and other words in the sentences.  Examples:  about, above, outside, upon, within…

In conclusion, I learned that this year is Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday…if you, like so, so many people have been charmed by this famous and favorite mouse, his creator has a quote that I will be sharing with my students.

All our dreams can come true—if we have the courage to

pursue them.           Walt Disney

If not already happening, may one of your dreams become a reality…


Miss L. Boron