Week of November 18th-November 22nd

Hello, Parents,

On this rainy (but a bit warmer) Friday, I am thinking about all of the different activities that signify this busy time of the year. The children are, at this very minute, practicing with their Strength and Movement teachers for their upcoming Christmas performance. I am collecting permission slips for our annual trip to the Koger Center, we have our mugs ready for “Hot chocolate Friday”, and I am trying to prepare for my class’s Advent presentation on December 2nd. Whew! I think I may have to increase my vitamin input. Anyway, amidst all that we do have learning to be done.

Fifth Grade Next Week.

Religion. We have concluded our Chapter Five work on the Eucharist. The children should be studying their class notes for an upcoming quiz that will be given on Tuesday. They have been told what to focus their studying on.

Reading. During our reading of the story, “The Coming of Long Knives”, we are going to focus on the reading skills of previewing and drawing conclusions.

English. The class will have a unit test on Thursday. The test will assess their mastery of the content presented from lessons 5.1-5.5. Each lesson on adverb use has been presented and practiced. However, independent study needs to be done; they have already written in their agendas the date of the test and what they need to review in their personal studying.

Social Studies. Today I will be collecting their cards indicating who they have chosen to memorialize for their Civil War project. As you know, directions for this came home this Wednesday; please review them with your child if any questions arise. Next week’s lesson will focus on the growth of slavery in the South.

Spelling. Our test will be given on Friday. Can you believe there are so many homophones in our language? Eeeeks…and there are still more to come…

Sixth Grade Next Week

Reading. Our reading of “His Majesty, Queen Hatshepsut”, has given the students a chance to share much of their background knowledge of ancient civilizations. Also, I am looking forward to hearing their presentation on the ancient wonder that each of them chose.

English. Like my fifth grade students, we are studying adverbs. This class is also spending more time on our workbook’s maintenance exercises that include a variety of skills (parts of speech, verb tense, sentence structure and diagramming). I consider them mini-lessons that accomplish much with four or five questions.

The author of this quote is unknown; whoever did say it, though, surely gives us a lovely sentiment.

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others

without getting a few drops on yourself.”

Isn’t that a nice thought for us to keep close? I hope you think so…

Enjoy your weekend,

Miss L. Boron