The Best Academic Preparation For Future Success

Catholic elementary schools have traditionally excelled in providing children with the strongest preparation for future success.  Year after year, The National Center for Education, which issues “The Nation’s Report Card” on schools, has found that Catholic elementary schools outperform other schools in the fundamental areas of reading, English language skills, mathematics and science.  St. Peter’s shares this national Catholic tradition of academic excellence.

The very same skills Catholic elementary schools excel in teaching–reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science–are crucial skills today’s child needs to thrive in tomorrow’s world. The future will require strong reading and comprehension skills.  Those who succeed will  be able to analyze and evaluate a constant stream of new ideas and adapt to technological change and innovation. The future will reward lifelong learners. Your child’s bright future begins with the strong academic preparation for ongoing learning that St. Peter’s provides.

Catholic schools across the country have a high school graduation rate of 99.0%.  Public schools have an 83.2% graduation rate nationally.  South Carolina public schools have an 80.3% high school graduation rate.  85.7% of Catholic high school graduates go on to college.

Excellent Curriculum Established by the Catholic Diocese of Charleston

St. Peter’s School follows the academic curriculum established by the Diocese.  For a look at the full curriculum, with detailed outlines by subject and grade, please click here to see the Curriculum page on the Diocesan website.