Work for April 1st-April 8th

Dear Parents and Grandparents,

My fifth grade students will be receiving a packet of work that I am sending out to each of them in the old-fashioned way–the mail!  If I planned this correctly, they should receive it by the middle of next week; if they do not receive it by April 4th, please e-mail me at  I intended for this work to be done prior to Easter vacation, so that you can enjoy that time in a more leisurely way.  If, however, you choose for your child to remain occupied with a little work during the break, by all means do what pleases you.

With the exception of the top sheet “Independent Questions for Independent Reading”, each day has different assignments planned.  The planning sheets are labeled “Day 1”, “Day 2”, “Day 3”, “Day 4”, and “Day 5”.  If I have crossed out an activity on the planning pages, please do not have your child do it.  I did not include those pages in the packet (I think I got them all).  Also, at the end, there are some fun Geography papers.  They may do those, however, they and the place value paper are “extras”. 

Also, I am sending an English paper that I had ready to give the children in preparation for their next test.  It includes this skill:  Apostrophes in Contractions.  I have also included, also on blue paper, an activity that works on alphabetical order.  Oh…I had an English study guide prepared for your child to use while studying.  It is on pink paper.  I hope that is useful to them while they keep their skills strong. 

It was so nice getting to talk to some of you yesterday on the phone.  I did leave voice mails to those parents that I did not get to speak with.  Please know how much I appreciate your helping us during this very challenging time.  As I shared with you on the phone, and as I put on your child’s letter from me, please do not worry about an assignment/assignments that your child may have been unable to do.  Father Linsky reminded us that this time should also be used as one of meaningful time spent with each other doing enjoyable things that we may not usually “have the time” to do.  I am rereading a favorite book from my teenage years…The Diary of Anne Frank.  Amidst all of the beautiful words that this 13-year old girl wrote, her strength, courage, resilience, and ability to find beauty in her isolation have helped me want to do the same in my life.  Anyway, enough about me…

I look forward to seeing my students and their sweet smiles when God gives us the “go ahead”.  Until then, please receive my thoughts of you.


Miss Boron