Work for March 25th-March 31st

Hello Parents, Grandparents, and Students of mine,

I hope this finds all of you healthy, resilient, and optimistic during this time of separation from our daily routines.  I have decided to give my students an early preview of the assignments they will be doing starting on March 25th.  They should be done by March 31st.  

Fifth Grade Students.

Religion.  During our Lenten journey, we have focused on Almsgiving.  We learned that it can include reaching out to those who may need emotional or spiritual help.  I thought you would enjoy making a holy card for shut-ins in our church family community.  Follow the below steps.

l.  Because holy cards are small in size, use either an index card, a small notecard that is blank on both sides, or a small piece of drawing paper.

2.  Find a fine-art image to copy (religious) or draw your own illustration using a fine-art image as inspiration.

3.  Glue or draw your picture on the front of your card.  If your picture is small, adding a pretty border would be nice.  Look on-line for some ideas if you wish.

4.  Create your own original prayer.  Very neatly, write it on the back of your card.  

English.  We must delay our upcoming test until we return.  Use your textbook for Lessons 8.8, 8.9 and 8.10.  If you did not take your textbook home, please do not worry.  I will give you students workbook pages to do that will present the skill and give you practice.  Whether or not you have your textbook, you can go to for extra activities that will give you activities that practice these skills that I list below.  I am giving you the topic and page number for each.  For those with your textbook:

a)  Lesson 8.8.  More uses for capitalization.  Page 176.

b)  Lesson 8.9  Abbreviations.  Page 178

c)  Lesson 8.10 Direct Quotations.  Page 180

Follow these suggestions:  1)  Just as we do in class, take notes on each new lesson (only do one lesson at a time).  If you do not have your composition book, clean unused notebook paper is fine.  2)  After taking your notes, do these practice exercises:

a)  Page 177, Exercise 3.  Do numbers 1,3,5,8,9, and 10.

b)  Page 179. Exercise 1.  Do numbers 1-20.

c)  Page 181.  Exercise 2.  numbers 1-6.  Be careful…these are a little tricky.  

For those who only have your workbook at home, do the following pages:  Pages 113, 114, 115.

Also, please continue your diagramming practice.  You should be able to do page 122, diagramming indirect objects in sentences and page 123, diagramming subject complements.  We have covered both in class.  See if you can do them, and if you make errors, do not worry.  You can use your textbook as a reference (page 190 for indirect objects and page 192 for subject complements.)

Reading.  In class on February 25th, you wrote wonderful letters to Marty.  Please choose one of the below characters and write a letter to that character.  Your letter should be 10 to 15 sentences, or more, that sufficiently send your thoughts.  Please write to one of the below:

l.  Pa or Ma.  Talk about how they teach Marty to be the fine young man he is by being his teachers of how to live well.  For example, you could talk about things you remember we talked about in class that Pa and Ma did everyday to be good role models for their children.  Don’t you just love the way Ma reminded Marty about Jesus’s feelings about right and wrong, and of course there is Pa, and the way he goes to work each day to serve others. 

2.  David Howard.  Your letter should be about his friendship with Marty.

Social Studies.  I would like you to design a stamp that honors a general, a battle, or a courageous woman of the Civil War.  This can be done on regular white copy paper or drawing paper you have at home (no poster boards).  You may not go on-line and just print a picture like you could for the holy card.  It will be your original artwork.  Write a caption about your illustration.

Sixth Grade.

English.  I know all of you have your textbooks.  Because our upcoming test cannot be taken, I will be including lessons 7.9, 7.10, and 7.11.  Use the below pages in your book to do what we do in class–take outlined notes and then, follow with practice activities.  If you do not have your composition book, please take your notes on notebook paper (a different page for each skill).  Also, you can use to supplement your practice.  Below, you will find the lesson, page numbers and practice activities.

a)  Lesson 7.9.  Apostrophes; pages 174 and 175.  Notes will be taken on page 174; complete Exercise 1 on page 175.

b)  Lesson 7.10. Hyphens; pages 176-177.  Notes will be taken on page 176; complete Exercise 1 on page 176.

c)  Lesson 7.11.  Capitalization.  Take notes from page 178; complete Exercise 2, numbers 2,6,7,8,and 9 on page 179.  Students…these can all be done on the same sheet of notebook paper…notes at the top, and your practice work at the bottom.  

Work neatly and with care…remember, For the Greater Glory of God.

Reading.  In truth, I am unsure if you have your novel with you.  Therefore, I giving you focus questions to write down that accompany pages to be read.  If you do not have your book, perhaps you can access it another way. The below questions and pages are:

Pages 171-181.  l)  One page 173, Stacey shows another example of brotherly love to Cassie.  What does he do?

2)  What is Papa’s philosophy about forgiving?

3)  How does Papa believe one gains respect?

4)  How does Cassie blackmail Lillian Jean?  Using direct quotations, list three things she says.

Pages 181-194.  l)  What was Mr. Granger trying to tell Mama as he was leaving her classroom?

2)  What is Mr. Morrison willing to do in order to help Papa out?

3)  Imagine T.J.’s true feelings about how he is left without friends.  If you were Stacey and Cassie, how would you treat him, considering what he did to their mother.

If you do not have your novel and cannot access it, please do the below assignment.

Write a letter to the author.  Tell her what you like about the book, questions you may have about the book’s content (like why she chose to write about a certain thing), and very importantly, a separate paragraph about what her novel has taught you about the 1930’s and the social climate in Mississippi at that time.  I would like you to share a favorite character summary and the lessons you have learned from that character.

If you have your novel, read the above and answer completely the questions asked.  If you wish to do the letter, you will be given extra credit toward your reading grade.  I think you might enjoy doing this assignment.

Well, that is all I am going to include for now.  Of course, more will follow if our absence from our wonderful school is prolonged–I hope not.  I miss you, dear students, and not seeing you daily is difficult.  Continue your Lenten journey and I will, too.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, God willing…


Miss Boron