Work for Sixth Grade, April 1st-April 8th

Dear Parents and Grandparents of Sixth Grade Students,

It was nice getting to speak with some of you yesterday, and to those who were not available when I called, I left you a voice message just to let you know that I am keeping you and your children close in thought.

The work that I am sending this week, the week before Easter vacation, is a combination of Reading and English skills.  All of the skills I chose correlate with two sixth grade standards:  Foundational Reading and Vocabulary Building.  

The first activity is related to Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry.  It can be completed with or without the text.  The characters in this novel are so well developed and vivid, thus this assignment.

Think of a favorite character in our novel.  Yes, there probably are many…I have shared my “faves” with you.  If there is a character that has earned the medal of being one your favorites, it may be because of very simple qualities.  For example:

l)  You can relate to what seems important to them.  Stacey demonstrates his protective care for his siblings; Big Ma is a source of strength to her family; Mama is a gentle teacher to her own children; Pa has a strong work ethic, showing the value of working hard to provide for his family.  What character could you imagine playing in a school play–which one could you easily place yourself in their shoes? 

In a well-written paragraph, share with me the character you feel the closest to.  Tell me why you can relate to that person by giving examples from chapters we read. 

In a second paragraph, choose an event from the story that you may have handled differently than your character did.  By the way, share how your character behaved in that situation, and then, how you would imagine you would have acted.

Vocabulary Building

Day One

l.  Using a dictionary.  Find five new words that you do not know the meaning of and think that your classmates might not know.  Follow these directions on notebook paper:

      a)  write the word, its pronunciation, and its meaning.

      b)  create YOUR OWN sentence for each word

2.  On five separate index cards (one word on each card), write the word on one side with its pronunciation.  Leave the definition off of the card; the back of your card will be blank.  It is like you are making flashcards.

Day Two.

l.  Using Exact Words.  Remember…these are words that help your reader visualize in a vivid way.  Replace each italicized word with a “fresher”, more interesting word choice. 

     a)  a pretty painting

      b) an interesting dream

      c)  a bad storm

      d)  a noisy neighbor

      e)  a sad movie

You may use a thesaurus, but make certain to stay with the meaning of the phrase.  

Then, put your phrase into a sixth-grade, well developed sentence.  You have become sooooo good at that.

Day Three.

l.  Writing sentences more vividly.  This page will be completed on notebook paper.  You will find it on page 231, Activity H.

Day Four.

l.  Using a thesaurus.  I indicated in day one’s activity that you can use a thesaurus as a reference.  This gives you more practice with this resource.  

     a)  Read pages 304 and 305 in your textbook.  You do not have to take notes.  But, please read the pages before you do your written work.

     b)  Complete page 305, Activity A.

Day Five.

l.  Diagramming practice.  You did not want me to forget about this skill, right?  So…please do Maintenance exercises 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3.  Also, do what we do in class.  After you complete the diagram, do the four questions above each.

Remember…use your textbook (especially the handbook in the back) for help if you forget a skill we covered that is being asked about (for example…complete subject, verb phrase, complex sentences, possessive pronouns, etc.)


The first assignment given on your favorite character should have a sloppy copy.  On that, you can make changes and edit for errors.  Then, write your final (good) copy from that on notebook paper.

I miss you and the oh-so-many ways you make me smile.  I know that when the time is right, we will be back in our classrooms preparing for your graduation to seventh grade.  Until then, keep your Lenten journey strong, Jesus close, and listen to your parents…

Miss Boron